Make this design motif Googlable to me.
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Is there a name for this visual design motif?

As seen in the top picture here, with all the vines and leaves in silhouette over the damask background.
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vector art

Look at for inspiration
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Not sure. Those vines and leaves, at least when they show up in print design, are often just vector graphics embedded in Photoshop brushes. Here is a site rounding up a bunch of repositories. Smashing Magazine also often links to free brush sets periodically. I know this doesn't directly cover your question but perhaps will be of some use anyway.
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Previously (by me) from a few weeks ago, and here before that. Is this the same type of style you're asking about?

My focus was more on the digital side because I see more of that, but that's a perfect example of something similar in "real life".
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I see that all over the place and I wish it had a name, but previous AskMe posts didn't really come up with anything.
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there is no formal name for it. fleurons can be used. so can just the generic "ornament."
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Personally, I'd call it:

iStock, circa 2007
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You aren't the only one who wants to know.
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You aren't the only one who wants to know.

I don't think they're the same. Nick La's site is, as pointed out on MeCha, very much a Peter Max style. That's really very different than the ornamental grunge you see everywhere these days. I'm allowed to say this as I'm currently using it myself.
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Are you looking for "damask" or "brocade?"
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Also rococo
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And again google image search.
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Jessica Helfland of Design Observer coined the term "thornament" for this look, a couple of years ago -- and Urban Dictionary has embraced her coinage, as "graphic ornamentation consisting primarily of 'twisted and winding viney things'".

I've also seen it called ornamental, botanical, fleuron, grunge, as have been mentioned.

But none of these bring up a solid base of samples of the motif in Google, so it might just be that no common name for the term ever really caught on. The "arabesque" Google isn't bad though.

You can always find loads of it at iStockPhoto as DarlingBri pointed out; the place is lousy with it.

In your Google efforts, are you trying to find source files to use, or examples of sites where the motif is in use?

If the latter, I might gently urge a different direction, as the motif has really quite saturated the market at this point.
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Those are silhouettes, but you probably knew that. These particular silhouettes give an impression quite similar to the backlit stick-puppet shows that accompany performances of Indonesian gamelan music, but I don't know a specific word for them.
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