How to represent a website project in Visio 2002?
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Take the story Rumplestiltskin and the despair of the Millers Daughter in that room with the spinning wheel and the straw and the looming demand for gold, for the Millers Daughters take me for the Spinning Wheel take Visio 2002, for the straw take a bundle of very rough sketches of a website and the possible routes through it with with information gathering, registration, logins, detailed reporting etc as well as a technical spec, /straw, for gold read a beautiful Visio 2002 presentation pulling into focus all the disparate strands for showing to client, for Rumplestiltskin read ask.metafilter. You can have my first born if you can point me to good vision samples (actual files). I just installed this morning and have not used it before and really need a boost. I will put my email on my profile for a whileen if anyone has any goodies for me.
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For the King take punctuation
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Alas, you only have the promise of children to offer, where what I truly require are a fire for my hearth, a bone for my dog, and strings for my fiddle. How unreasonable it is to be a simple man...

Anyhow, here's a possible link to help you. Good luck!
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Our own jjg's VisioVocabulary will give you, well, a vocabulary, and good stencils. That will give you a lot to work with. Here's a flowchart I made with it a long time ago.
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It sounds like you really have two problems here. The first is that you don't know how you want to display your information. The second is that you don't know how to use Visio. Tackle these separately and things will be much easier.

Your first step should be to sketch out a visual representation of your data on a piece of paper.

Using Visio is really pretty easy if you stick to the simple block shapes your first time out and don't try to do anything weird with one of their templates. If you use a template you'll just get lost jumping through hoops. Use the little blocks and the connectors with arrows and you'll be fine.
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Response by poster: Smaert Dalek : Thanks for the link. Sorry I cant help you with that stuff you need.

mimi : That PDF looks the business, thank you.

hazyjane : you are right I am tackling the organisation on paper and will tackle the vision probelm seperately.

bondaldi : I used shit punctuation for dramatic effect.

Thanks a lot all of have give me the steer and help I needed. It is going to be a long weekend.
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Righteous. What hazyjane said re: templates. Just cut and paste. Once you get into it, it's really kind of fun. Put on some good techno and you'll have a nice weekend with it.
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bondaldi : I used shit punctuation for dramatic effect.

Being obnoxious with punctuation is cool now? The internet really has ruined conversation.
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I used shit punctuation for dramatic effect.

If by "dramatic effect", you mean "the sole purpose of clogging up that much more space on the front page of Ask.Me with incomprehensible shit, and invoking the ire of users who actually want this to be a useful site", then you've succeeded beyond your wildest dreams.

Just ask the damn question in the future. How hard is it to say "I'm new to Visio 2002. Can someone point me to some basic tutorials?"
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