What is this tv programme I watched as a child?
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[Irritating-mystery filter] Of magical elevators, murder mysteries, Kenwood mixers and time travel: please help me identify this tv programme I watched once as a child!

O Noble MeFites, please help me with something that has been irritating me for years and years. I remember watching an episode of a tv programme many years ago, and for some reason random details have stayed in my mind. I have no idea why - I don't remember being particularly struck by the programme at the time. I can't remember if it was any good. It might be something incredibly obvious. Every now and again I try googling, but have never had any luck tracking down the name of the programme.

I'm 99.9% sure that I watched this with a babysitter, which makes it at least ten years old, very probably more. It was shown in the evening, or at night, (although probably not after midnight). I'm English, so it was definitely shown in the UK, although the series wasn't necessarily English. I think I was scared watching it, as a young child, although the babysitter probably wouldn't have let me watch it if it had been anything too horrific.

There was some form of time travel involved, possibly in a lift (elevator). The main characters were trying to solve or prevent a murder.

I remember that a female character visited a restaurant kitchen, and didn't want to give her real name so pretended to be called Miss/Mrs/Ms Kenwood, after glancing round the kitchen frantically and seeing a Kenwood kitchen mixer. I have a vague feeling she later got into trouble with her boss/colleague for this - I think she wasn't supposed to have gone to the restaurant. This may have been because they were worried about creating a time paradox.

At another point, Character A asked Character B if he/she had taken some medication with the words "have you taken it/them?". I think it was medication that A had tampered with. When later questioned about this, after B's death, A claimed he/she had been talking about Character B taking some letters to the postbox. The detective-type characters then debated about this, deciding it was strange grammar to use and rather suspicious.

Well, that's as much as I can remember. I realise these are all very minor details, and this is probably completely unsolvable, but thanks in advance for any light that can be shed!
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There was some form of time travel involved, possibly in a lift (elevator). The main characters were trying to solve or prevent a murder.

I don't recognize the episode, but this sounds like the premise of Dr. Who, a UK television show that has been running off and on since the early 60s. Except it's not a lift, it's a Police Box, whatever that is.
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Definitely sounds like Dr. Who. With a constantly changing cast, it might be worth looking at some archive photos of various series to see if it is.
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Crime Traveller? Episode 2: Death in the Family seems to fit the bill. It's on DVD (bargain?).
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Crime Traveller title sequence.
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It's not Dr Who; there are no episodes or storylines that fit this description.
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IMO it sounds more like Crime Traveller than Dr Who (and the timeline fits better, the last series of Dr Who before the recent ones was nearly 20 years ago)
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I am beyond stunned. This has annoyed me for eleven years and MeFites have given me the answer in less than an hour! 4eyes, you are amazing. Thank you so much!

I'm actually tempted to buy the DVD now for the amazing sense of satisfaction watching it would give me...

Thanks to everyone else for your input as well. I was pretty sure it wasn't Dr Who, given the lack of aliens/monsters/general creepy sci-fi stuff, but it's good to have it confirmed.

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I only vaguely remember it, largely for whatsisname. I daresay it's not worth the seven quid on DVD (but where others mock, I happily pay for Sapphire and Steel and that doesn't disappoint (me, at least)); anyway, it's not at all as if I'm avoiding work right now, no.
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