Recommended PS2 dance pads for DDR?
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I'd like to buy a good soft PS2 dance pad for my sister-in-law who likes to play DDR, but reviews indicate that most models break after a few months. Are there any reliable dance pads or reputable stores that sell good models with extended warranties? I would also consider metal pads under $100.
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Best answer: My roommate found a good medium between the expensive sturdier pads and the flimsy cheap ones. She just stapled one of the soft ones to a big slab of plywood. It's going strong 3 years later, no problems. It's obviously not as easy to store in this state, but we just keep it between the couch and the wall and pull it out when needed.
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Best answer: TheRed Octane Ignition pad is pretty great. Mine is still going strong after about a year of heavy use. Soft DDR pads are a bit of a lottery - some people's misregister after a few months, but others seem to never break. I doubt you'll find anything with an extended warranty as the manufacturers have no way of knowing what kind of abuse you're putting your pad through.
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Best answer: I was coming in here to suggest cheapie pads and what carsonb has helpfully pointed out.

If you own a (crappy) rug you can also duct tape them directly to the floor.

The high end pads do tend to go just about as quick as the low end ($30) pads, and aren't worth it imo. If the extra cushioning is needed, just get some of that crap you stick under carpets to put between the mat and the plywood. I have been a DDR fan for years so I've gone through a lot of pads ... they usually last 6 months - 24 months. Friends have gone with the nicer pads and had them break usually around 6 months to a year, but they were all on the heavy side ...
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Best answer: Seconding the Red Octane Ignition. After extensive research my wife bought one four or five years ago and it still works great. My ankle and her knees, not so much.
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Do you know if she's a particularly advanced player? I learned how to play using an arcade machine, and I've never been able to stand any soft at-home pads. Never tried mounting it on plywood or taping it to the ground, though. I'd recommend telling her about these ideas along with whatever you end up getting.
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Response by poster: Actually, 0xFCAF, some stores, such as Overstock, offer extended warranties. I just don't know how good their no-name dance pads are.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the Red Octane Ignition suggestions. Maybe I'll buy one with a credit card that extends the manufacturer's warranty. I haven't seen the Ignition at any retailers that offer their own extended warranties.
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Nthing RedOctane. I bought two four years ago and they still work.
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when i bought my DDR pads at EB Games (a video game chain similar to gamestop usually found in malls), i was able to get a warranty for each pad.

i know they are not the cheapest, but best buy usually offers warranties on video game peripherals (like a DDR pad), so it's worth looking into.
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Response by poster: Scission, she's getting very good, but she's only played at home so is used to soft pads.
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