put the cholesterol back in my cookies.
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What's a substitute for egg substitute? Eggs right?

I want to make these Black and White Chocolate Chip Cookies which is a recipe I got from Cooking Light. It calls for 2 Tablespoons of egg substitute which I don't have, but I do have real eggs. The recipe doesn't even say what kind of egg substitute is supposed to be used, and as I understand it, different egg substitute products have different measurement amounts. Based on the other amount of ingredients how much real egg should I put in?

I am not worried about actually cooking "light". I just happened to see the recipe in the magazine at work.
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Best answer: Looks like 2 (maybe 1) egg(s) to me. I would try 2; and cut back on the water. In fact, try 2 and use no water at all; mix in a teaspoon or so if it seems dry.

I've never used fake eggs, but those amounts of butter and sugar suggest 2 eggs. However, that's a whole lot more than 2 T of liquid. I would guess that they add the water to correct for that.

I Am Not A Food Scientist, but my mom is and she taught me to cook. I don't know how far that gets you, though.
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Ok I think I know this:
1 PT egg substitute = 16 oz
16 oz egg substitute = 8 whole eggs
2 oz egg substitute = 1 egg
2 TBS = 1 oz
1/2 whole egg = 2oz egg substitute

Did I confuse you?
I think I confused myself :)
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Best answer: The usual egg substitutes (eggbeaters) say 1/4C = one egg. 2T of egg substitute would therefore be 1/2 egg. That's silly. But there's also an extra 1/4C of water, which wouldn't be in a 'standard' recipe. My standard chocolate chip cookie recipe (aka the-cookies-my-hands-make, I make them so often) calls for 2 eggs against 12T butter, 1.5C sugar, 2C flour.

Start with one egg, due to the presence of the Kahlua (I think that using two eggs would make the dough very thin). If the dough looks really crumbly and stiff after you've mixed in the dry ingredients, add water a teaspoon at a time.
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Yes, on all the egg substitutes I've seen, it's always said 1/4 cup = 1 egg.
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2 oz egg substitute = 1 egg
1/2 whole egg = 2oz egg substitute

Did I confuse you?

Yes, indeed. But I figure the last line should be: 1/2 whole egg = 2 TBS egg substitute.
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ground flaxseed. It's the best.
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1 egg = 1 mashed-up banana.
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Seeing as how the recipe calls for 2 tablespoons of egg substitute, I assume they are not referring to something like egg beaters but rather to something like ener-g egg replacer. I assume this merely because as noted above, the ratio for something like egg beaters to eggs for replacement is much larger, like 1/4 cup to one egg. So, getting back to what the actual substitution is, the 2 tablespoons of egg substitute plus the 1/4 cup of water would be about 2 small eggs.
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Best answer: As an ex-vegan who's done a lot of egg replacer baking, I would use two eggs. A lot of starch-based powder egg replacers (potato starch, ener-g) call for 1 T egg replacer to 3 T water, which is what that water/egg replacer combo in the recipe works out to. You also usually combine the water and egg replacer first to dissolve it before mixing into the recipe, which is what this recipe asks you to do. Take out the water and egg replacer, and mix in two eggs with the Kahlua and vanilla in that step.
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Me: vegan, seconding booknerd. 1T of various replacers = 1 egg. When using tofu, applesauce, or banana, you often use one 'heaping' tablespoon per egg. When using starch-based dry egg replacer, it's the ratio described by booknerd. So: 2 eggs.
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