Nokia 6300 firmware update problem
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A firmware update has broken my Nokia 6300. Do I have any options other than taking it for repair?

I decided to update the firmware on my phone today (using Nokia's own update manager) when I connected it to my computer for the first time in many months. I ran through the process doing as I was supposed to, and updated the firmware from Version 5.0 to 6.6.

Unfortunately, after being told I could start using my phone again, the phone refused to cooperate.

When I turn it on, it seems to be working normally until just after the Nokia handshake animation when it slowly flashes 3 times before turning off.

Is there anything that I can do in a short space of time that can resolve this problem, or am I going to have to resign myself to going into some sort of phone repair establishment?

I'm in the UK (West Midlands) by the way, in case that's remotely relevant.
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I forwarded your question to a friend who works in the services division of Nokia, her response was:

"If he wants a home remedy, it is really to update the software again - low chance of working. Highest chance of working is of course to send it into Nokia Care. But he must remember to back up his information first."

Not sure if that helps at all. Best of luck.
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Yeah, you can try and update the software again, with a low chance of it working.

I work for a mobile phone company in Birmingham, and we repair Nokia's - come in, drop your phone off, come back in an hour and it'll be fixed. We're on Holloway head (just up from Smallbrook Queensway/New Street). If it's under a year old, it should be a warranty repair (ie free).
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Response by poster: It was out of warranty, I took it to a local phone shop who re-flashed it for £10. Works fine now.

Thanks for your help.
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