What do I show on a bunch of projectors during this event?
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This week an organization I work with is running a big, high energy (iPhone and Wii giveaways, the whole 9 yards) event geared towards high-school students. I'm tasked with organizing some of the creative/design aspects of it, but I've hit a few dead ends, specifically in the area of what I would call ambient video.

I have two parts I'm looking for help with.

1) During the opening of the event, we have a band playing a song. For similar events we've done openers similar to Blue Man Group's Be a Rockstar with prerecorded music, so I could just put something together in Motion. No way I'm doing that for live stuff, and all of the programs along the lines of MilkDrop I've tried lag a good 1.5 seconds behind.
In short, what do the cool kids throw up on the screen during shows these days?

2) We'll also have a few screens set up throughout the auditorium playing other ambient video before anything starts. We'll most likely be playing music videos on the main screen, so I'm fine driving the secondary projectors with something like MilkDrop, but I'm wondering if there is anything else out there. I've looked through some of the other questions along these lines, but I don't want the "random nature shots" that they all seem to be.
The theme of this event is "Big", so maybe random commercials/short videos incorporating that idea? I'm not sure.

Thanks for the help!
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Analog video synthesizers are cool.
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