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I'm looking for a good vlog to follow. Preferably something that is fairly accessible and updates regularly.

I've been missing the show recently. I'm looking for a good vlog that I can follow, with a pretty general focus. But really, I've had such a hard time finding any vlogs, that I'll take any recommendations I can get.

I'm familiar with the extremely popular Rocketboom and Ask A Ninja, so you can omit those. Thank you much.
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You might like Brigitte Dale, daboo. Fun, weird. A couple of years ago, delmoi turned me onto Hotline TV, which is a daily political review, super-wonky and amateurish, but also intelligent and brief. Makes me feel as if I have an idea what's happening, even though I kind of don't.
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IllDoctrine.Com. Nominally a hip-hop vlog, but he talks about politics, creativity, a bunch of stuff. Brilliant style and really well put together. I recommend How to tell someone they sound racist as a starter.
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Thanks, Happy Dave, that was great.
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Enthusiastically seconding IllDoctrine, the best video blog around.
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