How can I test whether a cell is in ALL CAPS in Excel?
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Excel Question - Is there a way in Excel to evaluate whether a cell contains text that is in all caps as opposed to proper (first letter) caps. I know I can force cells into Upper or Proper, but I don't want to do that, i just want to flag and sort them.
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Yes and No. Yes, there is a simple test to figure out if a cell contains Proper text or not. No, i'm not sure if you'll be able to use it to help you sort items. To test if Cell A1 is proper or not:


This function will return TRUE if A1 is proper, FALSE if A1 is not.
(Reason why this works: If A1 and the "Proper" version of A1 are the same, then A1 must already be proper.) Is this similar to what you want?
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That worked great. Thanks.
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