Is my solar hot water system overheating?
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I have an evacuated tube split-system solar hot water system. The pump that circulates water between the storage tank and heat exchanger on the roof, has broken and can't be fixed until after the weekend. The question is, won't the evacuated tubes be damaged in the meantime, as no water is circulating through them to remove the heat? I imagine the effect must be like running a car with no radiator fluid.
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Can you just throw a blanket or something over the heat exchangers?
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I don't know much about these systems but I just found this

Will the Endless Solar collector be a fire hazard during hot, dry weather?

No. The solar collector's components are all high temperature rated and non-flammable so even during strong sunlight with the circulation pump turned off (stagnation), the system will not catch alight or give off any sparks. The majority of the solar collector's components are stainless steel, copper, aluminium and glass


I'd be very surprised if the system is not designed with this circumstance in mind.
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All that happens to my Endless Solar installation when my pump is accidentally switched off (which has happened once during a power failure, and once due to the plug for the tank temperature sensor cable being knocked out) is that the relief valve on the header opens, releases clouds of steam and hisses like mad until the header boils dry.

If you're worried, ask your supplier what to do. The most likely answer, I think, is nothing.
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