Could my new Airport Extreme be causing weird sounds on my TV?
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Could my new Airport Extreme be causing weird sounds on my TV?

I recently got a new Apple Airport Extreme. Since installing it I've had two problems which I think are related, as they didn't happen with the old Airport:

1. My TV set makes a VVVVUT vvvvvvut VVVVVVUT vvvvvvut sound (if only this were "Car Talk"), for about a minute, several times an hour.

2. My WiFi radio is having problems picking up signal. Sometimes it's fine, sometimes it just doesn't connect.

Any suggestions for fixing these problems? My computer skills are limited, but I'm happy to tinker when given good directions. Going back to the old Airport is not an option, as it caught fire.
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Go into the Airport setup utility, change channels. There are good direction on how to do this under your "help" menu.

My dad had a wireless phone that killed his internet whenever anyone called, so they can indeed conflict with other devices, and yes, I can imagine the sound on your TV.

There might also be option for robustness and interference in there. Play until you hva e combination that works.

Lock it down!
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It could be the wifi traffic.

Move the wifi base station farther away from the speakers, the speaker wires, and the amplifier (if any).

You'll have to talk to somebody else about how to do it, but you might have better reliability of signal if you turn off the draft-n features on the airport extreme--so it acts less extreme. Set it to g or b+g or whatever.
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