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Forget "widescreen": I need a ROUND LCD or other display.

I'm mulling over a specific odd requirement for a job I am consulting on: a project needs a large and round digital display (about 4 feet diameter, though specs are flexible on that) to display various data from feeds. It must be mountable flat on a wall. As a circle. And ideally, in the most annoying twist: it should be somewhat portable.

The unsatisfying solution is a large regular display masked with some custom manufactured cutout and faux-bezel, producing a circular 'window' within a square box, with the box then sunk flush into the wall and the edges all hidden, painted to match and hopefully visually vanish.

This would work, but it's non-ideal. The custom manufacturing aspects are acceptable (there's a budget) but because of the installation and disguise required, the portability is impaired, and the overall effect becomes hugely dependent on the (re)installation each time.

I realize there are software hurdles after this, with either a 'true' round display or a masked square one, but those don't worry me as much. Programming assets are abundant here, even if custom video drivers are needed, so it's a hardware question first and foremost.

(I'm aware of this, but it's two inches across and not a real product anyway.)

So in case I'm not thinking of something obvious... any clever ideas? LCD, LED, Plasma, whatever... something.
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in case I'm not thinking of something obvious.

Projector? To me that seems like the obvious way to do it. Unless the room is necessarily going to be brightly lit.
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I'm in the event management industry, and we've used round displays in several of our sets. Through all of those occasions I've never heard of any economically sane solution besides matting a square display with a round aperture.

If you hear otherwise, though, I'm sure my technical director would love to be put in touch with the supplier!
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Have you tried Dynascan?
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Oh, sorry, I thought you were looking for a cylindrical display.
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I wonder if a custom version of something like an oscillating message display would work. It would be light and portable and probably not obscenely expensive. (Well, compared to a 4' diameter custom LCD, anyhow)
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Could you hack a rear-projection TV to have a round screen?
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What you want is 3M Vikuiti rear projection film. Can be cut into any shape you want. There's a Harrod's in London that has a projection screen in the shape of a guitar in their front window, for instance.
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