Stupid octagon window!
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Octagon window ideas needed. Explanation inside

My house has one of those octagon shaped windows near the front door. It is an old single pane window that I'd like to replace with something more energy efficient. However, pricing the window at the local big box showed that they cost $168 for a decent quality double pane version! I think this is outrageous for a little window that doesn't even open. I don't need this window--it is near a door with a large window, and just down the wall from a huge picture window. I'd just fill it in, but the outside of the house is covered with limestone that I couldn't fill in. I'm a very experienced remodeler, but I'm stumped on what to do with this darn window--I'm looking for ideas, either for ways to replace the window less expensively, or to fill it in without having the outside of my house look like a hillbilly lives in it. And yes, I know I'm a cheapskate.
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Best answer: Paint or etch some nice design that shows well when looking at it from the outside and cover the inside. I do not know much about remodeling but that seems like a simple solution.
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Cut frosted plexiglass to fit on the inside directly behind the window then seal the edges with silicone caulk. You could theoretically add two panes of plexiglass to the inside with air between them for extra insulation or just block off the inside behind the plexiglass. Nobody looking in will be able to see what is behind the frosted plexi.
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Stained glass. But it'll be more than $168. Email's in my profile if you have any questions on commissioning glass in general.
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Yeah, my first thought was stained glass, but even just frosted, leaded glass, and a panel of plexi an inch outside that, ought to hold out the air pretty good.
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Can you just caulk and tint it and be done with it?
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Response by poster: I've caulked it, and it looks fine currently--but in the winter, it gets completely ice encased as the condensation from inside and the icy coldness of outside combine. I was thinking about the plexiglass fit on the inside and sealed with caulk, but I'm concerned that it might have problems with condensation between the current window, and the plexi. Its the only window that gets condensation like that (others have already been replaced, or have storm windows).

does anyone know if they make triangular glass blocks (and if so, how much they cost?).
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What about first trying that plastic sheeting that you attach with double-sided tape and shrink with a hair dryer? It's pretty unobtrusive. Heating the glass with the dryer before applying the plastic might drive out some of the water vapour.
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If you seal it completely with caulk then there shouldn't be condensate. Make sure the house air is dry before you seal everything.
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