I need a German savings account
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What's the best account for saving money in Germany?

I have no savings right now, and that makes me a little worried.

In the US I would stick $100 a month into a money market savings account, but Deutsche Bank, my daily bank, requires a €5000 initial deposit, which I do not have, and their normal savings account only has a 0.50% interest rate which is a little low. I asked some coworkers for advice, but they could only suggest a Bausparkonto which I guess would penalize me for withdrawls.

So I ask you, friends of the internet, where is the best place to stick a few hundred euros a month with a minimal initial deposit, low hassle for transfers out of a German bank account, and no penalties for withdrawing money?
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Best answer: Does ING have a branch over there?


Apparently so. I don't think they require an initial deposit (although my German isn't that good). It does look like you get €25 if you open an account with more than €5000.
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0.5% interest rate?! That's not even above inflation, isn't it?

In days like these I would almost suggest a coffee can under your bed, but some people would say I was being facetious.
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The ING bank linked above seems like a good deal. Also they are a Dutch / English bank with the full banking garantee offered by the German Government.
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Etrade Germany accounts have a high interest rate for the moment.
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I've been happy with Postbank. I don't think they pay that much interest, though.
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Response by poster: ING it is, thanks!
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