Apart from freshmeat/SourceForge, where can I find some goodies for POSIX?
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Toys for Tots POSIX: apart from freshmeat/SourceForge, where can I find some goodies for this variant of *NIX? What favorite apps whould you recommend?
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Just about all modern variants of UNIX -- and some stuff like NT -- have varying degrees of POSIX standard compliance. If you're just asking where you can get good UNIX software, well, I hear about interesting things from time to time by keeping an eye on Need To Know's "Tracking" feature.

What kind of goodies do you favor?
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snuh? posix is a set of standards, not a unix variant. or so I thought. (then again capital-yoonix is not much more than a set of (proprietary) standards...)

bsd 'ports' or gentoo portage are always a good source of interesting stuff...

I will be the first to say that sourceforge is evil, but damned if I know where else to find this sort of things.

stealing bandwidth is wrong, elst I would link to the image on this page directly. jeebus. mmmm, midi.

for fun not-always-posix goodness, qnx is about 700x more beautiful than lunix or bsd.
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Response by poster: I was thinking of running Services for UNIX 3.5 on my Windows 2000 box's spare drive.
As far as goodies are concerned, I've found lots of OS X apps for my Mac, and I fondly remember the various BeOS-related widgets from my prior flirtation with that system. Apart from the requisite network tools/databases/media rippers/MAME/, I was wondering what else was out there.
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Well, you'll need tools compiled for your target, or source that you can compile from.

You may want to consider installing Cygwin instead, which comes with many Unixy goodies and which is targeted by a lot of FOSS stuff.
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