Financial crisis blog recommendations?
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Recommend any financial crisis blogs written by people who are following all the relevant indicators, or by people involved in the finance industry, who are trying to make sense of the market and economy?
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Rob Paterson used to be a senior investment banker with the Royal Bank in Canada. Knows what he is talking about, is pessimistic about the future and has predicted some of the stuff we are seeing now over the past two years.

He's also been working with KETC public TV in St. Louis to tell the story of the mortgage crisis in a way that provides a resource for homeowners.
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Best answer: NPR's Planet Money isn't written by the industry - but it's definitely trying to make sense of what happens, and they talk to people in the industry.
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There's the NPR Planet Money blog that might be helpful.
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Best answer: Naked Capitalism
Calculated Risk
Nouriel Roubini

Follow the links on their blogrolls and you'll get to most of the good ones.
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Calculated Risk
Global EconoMonitor
Naked Capitalism

[note: I am not terribly knowledgeable about this subject, but.. hope these may be helpful]

Also from MeFi just a few days ago it was recommended to check the links in fellow MeFite Mutant's profile
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Haha, crosspost of the same three sites - I honestly didn't read the previous before listing that.
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Good suggestion from pdp on Planet Money from NPR. They do an great job.

Speaking of....If you hurry - before Monday 10-13-08 - you can still get the mp3 download of This American Life's special economy episode in collaboration with Planet Money - free. Again, hurry before Monday - it's excellent!
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I think The Big Picture is pretty good.
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Best answer: I am a portfolio manager and I am following:

The Financial Times
Paul Krugman's blog
Brad Delong
Marginal Revolution

The FT has had the best coverage overall, but Krugman might be the best if you have no knowledge of finance.
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Across the Curve for good insider-y credit market commentary written by an ex-trader. It's heavy on jargon, but it's worthwhile if you can get through it (coincidentally, the top entry on the blog right now is about his use of jargon and he encourages readers to email him questions).
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Here is the same topic on Marginal Revolution today.
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