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When I replaced cars recently, I kept my EZ-Pass (toll paying thingie, for anyone living where it has a different name) device, but of course couldn't keep the velcro strips that went on the old car's windshield. I tried buying generic velcro stick-on tabs at Pep Boys, but they all proved too lightweight for a heavy bulky EZ-Pass unit. I need the extra-durable ones that come with the pass, but two e-mails and a phone message to EZ-Pass has left no response... is there anywhere I can buy the velcro strips on their own, without having to order an entire new device?
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Fabric shops, or even the local kMart.
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I cross a toll bridge almost daily, and the folks that work the toll booths there have the strips on hand. I had a placement issue with tolltag in my car due to an in-the-windshield antenna, and went through about six strips before it worked properly.
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In Illinois, you can reorder the strips from I used that when I traded in my truck because I couldn't get the strips off the windshielf without melting the glue. Maybe in your state, you can do the same?
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Damn - I need to due the same! I'm watching this thread for the Velcro source.,
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I had the same problem and ended up buying a suction cup-based holder like this (though not from them). Many gas stations sell them, and you don't have to gunk up your windshield.
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As far as I know they send you new passes for free, so you could get a new pass, yank the strips and then send it back in. I had 3 passes for a while, 2 cars 1 motorcycle. I never used the strips so when I turned them in I retained them. Just for this purpose.
Should I put them on ebay? hehehehe

Or maybe troutfishing would like them? Provided I can still find that that is. I think I can. I have a haunting recollection in my mind of them, which means I have seen them recently.
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We have a local office that has an envelope with the velcro strips outside, just for the taking. If you don't have a local place like that, and want me to send you a set (if a3 can't find'em), drop me an email.
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Best answer: Update: a non-Mefite reading the thread sent me a private e-mail, he gave me permission to reprint it:
I'm a long (long long) time lurker at metafilter but alas, no login. I saw your recent question about the EZ-Pass.

The product you're looking for is 3M Dual Lock. Most people assume it's a velcro product, but in fact the technology was invented by 3M.

I just happen to be a 3M Engineered Adhesives Specialist (i.e. Account Rep) up in Connecticut and deal with this product, among many others, on a daily basis.
Here's a link to 3M's product site I asked him to send me. This looks like it.
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On my EZ-Pass provider's web site ( but you have to log in to access the request) they'll mail you a set for nuthin'.
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Just stick it in your glove compartment - it should still work there.
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Gottabefunky, I can vouch that that's a good way to get a letter from the toll authority, complete with picture of you and your license place, looking to collect on an unpaid toll. Just sayin'...
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I have one of these devices and I bought plenty of this velcro-style stuff from Staples / Business Depot not so long ago. I hate the stuff because it's a pain in the ass to work with. :-)

It is indeed dual-lock 3M stuff.

It was on a real super duper sale so I bought all of it there. You should check yours.
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