looking for warm winter boots
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Looking for recommendations for warm waterproof boots in UK

One of the many joys of adopting our retired racing greyhound is our early morning walks together. But it's getting cold, and so are my feet! My wellington boots that I use for gardening are uncomfortable to walk in, and have no insulation. My hiking boots are warm and comfortable, but I can't tuck my trousers into them, and lacing them up takes too long. The morning walk is very muddy and often involves wading through puddles (and will likely soon involve snow), so I need boots that fulfil these criteria:

-trousers go on the inside
-comfortable to walk in
-available in the UK

I know you can get fleece-lined wellies, but they never seem comfortable to walk in. The perfect boot seems to be this one, but it doesn't look like it's available in the UK.
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Best answer: You can get very similar at Snow and Rock. They have other styles, too.
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Hunter make the Queen's wellies.
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A friend of mine recently ordered a set of Hi-tec Wet is dry boots for hillwalking. He said they were about £90 and I don't know where he got them but the technology and concept are pretty nice. Maybe a little overkill for what you're intending but I thought I'd mention it anyway.
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You need some horseyperson boots! Back when I used to spend most weekends traipsing round agricultural shows, Muckers were a must have.

A few links from some quick Googling but 'muck boots' 'muckers' or or 'yard boots' will get you there.
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Sorry, messed up the last link

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Response by poster: resolved:

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