USDA Prime Beef in Oahu?
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Where can I buy USDA Prime beef in Honolulu? I know Costco carries it sometimes, but its not a regular item. Is there a butcher that carries it on a regular basis?
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Best answer: Try Don Quixote ( off Kapiolani ) ...

I find some there most of the time I go... but I am not sure how regular the supply is.

I do like the American Kobe Style beef that you can get there sometimes... makes a mean burger.
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Best answer: I'd be surprised if the new Whole Foods at the Kahala Mall doesn't have it but then my life is full of surprises.
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You need to strike up a relationship with your butcher so that they can order it for you when you want it. I only wish I had a good reason to know more about butcher shops in Honolulu.
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Response by poster: I seriously though peterthered's answer was a joke when I saw it. Don Quijote is a funky asian store that sells plasma tvs and cereal, pretty much the last place I would have expected to find usda prime meat. They did have some! It was thin sliced sukiaki so not what I was looking for however.

lazywhinerkid's suggestion of Whole Foods was great. Their meat was not actually labeled as USDA Prime. It is usda organic. I bought some filet mignon and it is of highest quality with or without the label. Whole Foods meat department is the best I've ever seen anywhere. This is very surprising as I normally associate meat from organic stores as poorly handled and crummy.
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