Postcode ranges in Australia?
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I am looking for a source on the internet that will give me ranges for postal codes in Australia for metro areas, eg, 3200-3500 is Melbourne where the range would include all suburbs generally agreed to be part of metro Melbourne. If they aren't really in a range, than a list of all the Melbourne metro postcodes would work. I feel like I have only found ranges by state but those include rural areas. Any help very appreciated. The cities are Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, and Brisbane.
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Best answer: I think I figured out how to get what you're after (I'm not familiar with Australian address formats, so I'm not positive).

Download this postcode database (.zip) (navigated from Postcode Search)

It's in .csv format. I used Excel to sort the entire list by locality, then by postcode. Based on my sort, it looks like the codes for some cities are a discrete set rather than a continuous range.

Is this the right information?
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Best answer: Take a look at the back of an express post envelope. It will list the next day delivery postcodes ranges for all of the capital cities.
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Response by poster: Both answers worked -- the list gave me the suburbs by postcode and the express post price list got me the ranges. Thanks!!!
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