Inability to locate or purchase desired products feels Unamerican
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There's a particular snack product I want but can almost never find in local stores. What are my options?

In particular, I'm looking for Rold Gold Honey Wheat Braided Twist Pretzels. Yes, they're good enough that I'm resorting to Ask Mefi for help. No, I'm not working for the company. If I were working for the company, product advertising would be the least of my problems, because the product is nigh-impossible to find.

I'm in Northern California. I've seen these once in a local Safeway (one bag -- I bought it) and my girlfriend has seen them once in a local Delano's/IGA (one bag -- she bought it). So between us these pretzels currently have the same reputation as a rare unicorn, and we're starting to wonder if they actually exist.

What can I do?
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You're talking about these, right?

You can order them online:

Or you might check with someone in management at your favorite grocery.
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Best answer: Well, friend, say hello to the Frito-Lay Snack Finder.
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good news: it's a frito lay product, which means resources are in place to help you track 'em down.

try this product locator (which does mention rold gold honey wheat twist):
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I'd consider looking for online grocers that specialize in hard to find items. I recently gave up my search for Rice Krispy Treat Cereal and ordered a couple boxes online - so good, yet so elusive!
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Ask your local Safeway manager to order them - every Safeway in Seattle has about 15 trillion bags of these, so obviously it's possible! (I love 'em too.)
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The Frito-Lay Snack Finder! I was feeling so glum and uptight about the US political situation and now I have Frito-Lay Snack Finder. What a wonderful world.

Do you have another magic linky that will make the vending guys in my building bring back plain ol' original Fritos?
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