Help Me Set Up Auto Backup on a 10.4 Mac
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BackupFilter: My boss has a Seagate FreeAgent external drive attached to her Macbook Pro. Using the drive manager software that came with it, I set up scheduled backups for her on MWF at noon. Problem is, it doesn't follow the schedule and won't back up at all.

I've already lost a battle with IT to have Leopard installed on the office computers, so I'm trying to find a way to let my non-savvy coworkers do automatic backups. I thought this was the solution. Where am I going wrong?

My best guess is that you have to have the program open for it to run the scheduled backup. But doesn't that defeat the purpose of the schedule?

I'd really like to not invoke other software, if possible.
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Best answer: Not sure if possible without other software but SuperDuper is what I use and a lot of people I know swear by. Easy to use and never had an issue.
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Response by poster: boomcha, I've used SuperDuper to backup my own computer, but my concern is more with the fact that the drive comes packaged with software that, once set up, won't automatically launch and start backing up, and how to fix that problem.
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I have the same drive, and no longer use the automatic backup feature for a number of reasons (though I do use and like the software). The most common reason my drive won't back up is that Outlook is open on my computer (Even if the window isn't open, I'll go into task manager and it will be running there. Not entirely sure why this happens.) Because my Outlook folder is part of what gets backed up, the backup cannot go to completion if this file is being used. The other reason I disliked automatic backup was because I had to remember not to put my computer in standby.

Basically, make sure the computer is not in standby (or whatever the Mac equivalent is) and that all of the files that are being backed up are closed.
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Response by poster: Thanks, i_am_a_fiesta. I used to be a patient Windows user, but I've gotten used to software that works without my having to ask it to. Looks like SuperDuper is the choice.
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nthing SuperDuper. I had a myriad of problems with Time Machine (I know, not an issue for you with 10.4, but an indicator of the quality of SuperDuper).
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Response by poster: proj, I'm on Leopard (the result of being fed up and becoming my own IT office) and Time Machine works fine for me.
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I have hated auto-scheduled backup forever. I keep trying and then hating it because sooner or later it interrupts or annoys me. Then again, I have chaotic working hours so there's no safe-zone in which I can really schedule them.

I settled on this: a keypress that triggers the backup that I trained myself to press as I stood up to leave for dinner, a meeting, sleep, or so on. I find it less irritating and more comforting, somehow, since I know it's done.

Oh, and yes, I'm using SuperDuper.
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