How do I get a precious stone appraised?
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CatBurglarFilter. If I have a possibly valuable precious stone, how do I go about appraising/selling it? I will be in New York City to sell it if that makes a difference.
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Hey, you're not one of the guys from Hoobastank, are you?

Any any reputable auction house can appraise gems for you. A friend used Belenky Brothers once and highly recommends them. They're in SoHo. He said that you can call for an appointment, and there's a modest fee.
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I'll be sure to let the police know.
Unless it's zucronium or something like that. The cops in NYC would stab you with their boxcutters if they found out.

(Of course, if you were being facetious about the rock's origins, you could take it to 47th street, aka "diamond row". That's where the jewellry wholesalers are located, and would be the best source for appraisal. If the stone in question actually is hot, the merchants themselves will slice you up with their boxcutters.)
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Yes, facetious indeed. Just thought I might get some interest with the topic.
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