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Where can I throw a pizza dance party in NYC?

My boyfriend's birthday is a month away. I want to throw him a party. When I asked him what he'd like, he said, "a pizza dance party, though I don't know where we could make that happen." If possible, I'd like to surprise him with exactly such an event.

Basically, I'm looking for a place in New York with a dance floor (and dance music) that will also serve us pizza. Or, barring that, a place with a dance floor that wouldn't mind if we had pizza delivered. Ideally, it wouldn't be hugely crowded, and it would be gay friendly. I'm on a budget, so I'd prefer to just show up somewhere rather than rent a room or a section of a bar or something.

Any ideas?
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Maybe one of the Two Boots locations?
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Capone's in Williamsburg would have been perfect for this--you get a free small pizza with every drink and there was a huge dance floor with DJs on the weekends. I think they closed or changed management, it's possibly even a gay bar now.

Maybe one of the other free pizza with a drink places would work: there's Alligator Bar (Williamsburg), Crocodile Lounge (on 14th st), and another in Williamsburg, literally across the street from the L train on Bedford. I don't remember the name of that one, but it looks big inside, with a dance floor/stage in the back.
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One thing I'm wondering here is whether the emphasis is on good pizza or good dancing. I'm guessing the dancing is more important to you, but I'd be going for the pizza. I'm not good with clubs but if you are looking for smallish pizza places that you may or may not be able to convince to take over for a couple hours with an ipod and room to dance, then let me know and I'll give you a little list of such pizza places.

Either way, there will probably be a bit of phone work. Still, if you can give a fair amount of info about how may you expect any how many pies/hours/whatever you want from the place, a lot of would be quite accommodating.

And man, this sounds like such an awesome idea. Props to your bf for the idea
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Are there any roller rinks in NYC? Greasy pizza, danceable music, fun party, gay friendly- all of these things equal "roller rink" to me.
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I'm sorry I hate to answer a question with a question, but what exactly is a pizza dance party? Is it just where a bunch of people get together, eat pizza, and then dance? Or is it something much more complicated?
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Response by poster: Mastercheddaar, I'm taking his request at face value and assuming that this will be a dance party at which pizza is readily available. My sense is that rather than just gathering in an apartment, ordering pizza, and turning on a CD, he would like to go out to a specific location that plays music, serves pizza, and contains a dance floor that people actually use. Barring that exact option, and dance-y bar that wouldn't mind us bringing pizza is also good. Though piratebowling's suggestion of simply taking over a pizza joint has potential.
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Here are the rates for having a skating pizza party at Chelsea Piers. The cheapest is $47/person, but it includes admission, pizza, and soda which doesn't seem so bad.
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I went to a bowling party at Chelsea Piers once, and the pizza was BAD. REALLY REALLY BAD.
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Sorry, I'll control myself.

I've had good experiences at Chelsea Piers but their food is very Hit or Horrifying, Freakish Miss.
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The place in Williamsburg that miniminimarket mentions is The Charleston, and it definitely has more room for dancing than Alligator or Crocodile.
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Apetpsychic is right. Crocodile is really narrow, but Alligator has a bigger back room. Don't know if it's still going, but Alligator did have their own gay/hip hop night called "(Not Straight) Outta Compton."
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