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In Ontario, is it necessary to renew a safety only to get new plates?

Here's the deal, I've been driving an old Cherokee, but it's due for an emissions test and rust is becoming a problem, so I bought a cheap Malibu to drive around instead, transferring the plates from the Jeep to the Malibu instead of getting a second set of plates.

Now, if I wanted to get the Jeep re-plated, I know I still need the e-test, but would I need to get it safetied as well since it's still registered in my name? Everything I can find deals with buy/sell, not this situation. I prefer to limit contact with the MTO, so I turn to you MeFi.

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Response by poster: Some clarification, I know if a car is registered but as unfit, it will need a safety. But does unplated = unfit, or is it considered separately and thus not require a safety.
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Give the Ministry of Transport a call in the morning.
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Best answer: I had a question along these lines a few years ago (about the new registry of a salvage vehicle). The Ministry responded by e-mail within 24 hours with printable citations from the relevant legislation. Their e-mail feedback form is here.

The language on this page, which applies to a recently purchased used car implies that you'd have to get a safety. In my layman's interpretation that sounds like you need a safety to register the car (not to get plates). It sounds like you are registered, and now you need plates. For the time it takes to send an e-mail I suggest you contact the ministry for a definitive answer.
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Response by poster: As follow-up, since the ownership wasn't changing, the vehicle did not need to be re-safetied, just re-plated.

However, since it was due for the emission test, getting it re-plated meant going to the MTO for new plates with a temporary sticker (which is valid for a week, and a change from the paper slip in the windshield), get the e-test, then go back to the MTO for the yearly sticker.
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