Black Boots Baby!
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[Ladies' Boot Filter] Fabulous tall, funky, black boots, please!

I'm turning 30 soon (woo!) and what do i want to buy myself for my 30th birthday? Boots. I want some tall (just below the knee) funky, black boots that can go with pants, skirt, dresses, that can be dressed up or down. They have to be flat (heals hurt my hips - I must be getting old!) or with only a slight wedge. I generally like the style of Campers or Fly London. I have been up and down, zappos, etc. and am running out of luck. I'm looking to spend around $200 (less would be great, but I don't want to get too stingy!). Suggestions? (I looked at past Metafilter posts and saw the bit about Frye's. A bit too pricey for me!) Thank you!
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Did you try out Modista (as linked from the last podcast)? I found some perfect-for-me shoes using it!
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Maybe not quite what you're looking for (I'd wear them with skirts and dresses, but that's just me. They are more casual than anything), but I absolutely adore Blowfish's Hey Now boots. They make you look like a pirate, which is never a bad thing, and I've ran all over town in them and they haven't hurt my feet at all.

If those don't work, Planet Shoes may have something else for you. They had stuff I hadn't seen elsewhere and fairly decent prices. And like I'm sure you've done, I did spend HOURS on my boot search.
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Ooohhh!! Thanks for the start! Those Blowfish are super cute! And I've never seen Planet Shoes before! And Modista has changed since the last time I saw it! Keep 'em coming!!
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How about these Doc Martens?

They break the no-heel rule, but the heel that's there is small and sturdy looking, and the sole looks comfy.
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Have you looked at the John Fluevog site?

Also the department store websites usually have a much better selection than the stores. Nordstroms are good for boots.
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I say Boom, and leave it at that.
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I bought these Ecco boots last year, and they are swank.

This seems to be this year's version, in black, or brown suede.
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They're pricey (even when on sale), but I really like my boots from Cordani. They tend to be fairly comfortable as well.
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I really want these Dansko boots. Yes, they have a heel but if they're like any other Danskos I've ever worn they'll be SO comfortable you'll never want to wear anything else.
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These are more comfortable than my sneakers. I love love love love love them. And I am very picky about boots. 264 bucks but worth every penny because they are waterproof and last forever.
posted by np312 at 11:05 PM on October 7, 2008 [1 favorite] (AFAIK this is where Zappos posts sale items) has a ton of Camper shoes and boots for super cheap.
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I bought myself a pair of Miz Mooz boots for my thirtieth birthday. I've since had them resoled twice and they're holding up fine, and they look really cool (I have the Astor, which has a bit of a heel, but there are several funky flat styles as well).
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These Biviel boots have a small heel but they're still quite comfortable and stylish.
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2nd Fluevog, they are great. I also really like Frye boots, but they maybe too casual for what you need.
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Mmm, these.
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These may be more than you want to spend, but I just got a pair and they're far more comfortable than they ought to be. I'm also happy with endless' search function and customer service. I got my boots really fast, and cheaper than pretty much anywhere else.
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Garnet Hill has a ton of Born and some Biviel and Palladium boots that seem to meet your specs. And TODAY THEY ARE 20% OFF! Sorry, couldn't contain myself.
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You people are inspirations! Seriously, gorgeous ideas. Now I am overwhelmed (but in a good way!). Thank you thank you!
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