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Morbid Aussie birthday greeting, goes something along the lines of "War and famine, people dying, everywhere, and it's your birthday, hooray!" -- what is the correct and complete version?

I remember some Aussie exchange students singing this at birthday parties back during uni days. A google search came up empty.
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I remember a song along those lines (to the tune of the "Volga Boatmen song"):

Happy Birthday (thud),
Happy Birthday (thud),
Sin, sorrow and despair,
People dying everywhere,
Happy Birthday (thud).
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The Birthday Dirge?
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good stuff :)
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Ah, the birthday dirge!
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I've heard one a bit different than Zonker

Happy Birthday (thud)
Happy Birthday (thud)
People dying everywhere
Children crying in dispair
But happy birthday (thud)
Happy Birthday (thud)

The thud can be replaced with a guttural hunh, if you so choose.
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Oddly enough, this song is traditional in our (very Irish Catholic) family in Cleveland. No Australian connections. Our version (complete with table-thumping):

Happy birthday (thud)
Happy birthday (thud)
Gloom and sorrow and despair
People dying everywhere
On your birthday (thud)
So have a happy birthday (thud)
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May the candles on your cake,
Burn like cities in you wake
Happy birthday (thud)
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"Sin, sorrow and despair,
People dying everywhere"

"People dying everywhere
Children crying in dispair"

"Gloom and sorrow and despair
People dying everywhere"

Heh. The variation I learned (at church camp in the 70s, in the Seattle area):

Pain and sorrow in the air
People dying everywhere

But it's the same song, of course. Anyone know the origin? The guy who wrote the FAQ says he first heard it in the early 80s, but I heard it in 76 or 77, which were the years I attended that camp.
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Yeah, anyone who's been to camp knows this baby.

I always heard it as

Happy birthday (sound effect) x 2
People dying everywhere
There's pollution in the air
But it's your Birthday (sound effect)
So happy birthday (sound effect)
Happy birthday (sound effect)
To you (sound effect x 2)
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I'm an Australian and I've never, ever heard of anything like this.
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