Donor-friendly giving management web system
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Help me find, buy or build a donor-friendly online giving management system for our non-profit.

Imagine: Each donor gets their own account, they can sign in securely to view their past gifts, request tax receipts, set up monthly donations, adjust their mailing preferences, update their profile, and so on.

Are there existing tools that do this, especially ones that are free or cheap? Will they integrate well with a database on Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge? Do you know anybody who would like to build such a system from scratch for us?
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I think Amazon does this already for you, I don't know about the integration..
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Some of this stuff is in the new Commerce system in the WebGUI CMS; might be worth looking at.
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When you're talking about processing credit cards, you don't want to roll your own if you can possibly avoid it. Far better to let someone like Amazon, or Yahoo, do it for you. Someone who's good at computer security, or at least better at it than you are.

You don't want to be the next example of this. Believe me, you really don't.
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Just want to emphasize: donors will appreciate security much more than "friendliness".
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Best answer: CiviCRM, specifically the CiviContribute module, will do most of what you want, I think. It is free, but integration with your current database would probably be a big pain, unless you want to switch over entirely to CiviCRM. I'm surprised that Raiser's Edge doesn't have an add-on module that does what you want. Have you checked with them?
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