AutoFilter equivalent in Google Docs Spreadsheets?
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I want to be able to filter my data in Google Docs Spreadsheets like the Data > Filter > AutoFilter function in Excel 2003.

I am fairly familiar with Excel, but still learning my way around Google Docs Spreadsheets. The help file on the filter function confuses me:

I just want to do something like the AutoFilter command. Is that even possible? If not, any suggestions for how to set up alternatives?

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Try this link, then this one. On the second link, scroll down to the bottom and follow the instructions:

Drag this button: [Open in AutoFilter] to your bookmarks toolbar to install the bookmarklet. To use it, click the bookmarklet when you're visiting the Spreadsheets document you want to auto-filter.

Let me know how it works, I'm a bit curious myself!
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