Please help me find the title of this college or high school magazine.
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Help Me Find a Website/Magazine Filter. MI

Ok so back in late May early June (I think it was June) I was interviewed for this magazine that goes out to high school students, more specifically English/journalistic types. The magazine is supposed to be published this month and I was supposed to get a copy or two of it. I had some serious problems with my laptop just around this time and managed to loose about 15 months worth of emails. None of it was really that important except for this one.

Now for the fun part. I remember the website for this magazine was mainly yellow and for some reason scholastic or scholarly sounds familiar, though I know it wasn't scholastic by itself. I am trying to find this magazine just so I can see how I was quoted. The article itself is about blogs and my opinion and what to do and what not to do with blogs and I was the "expert" since I run The Weblog Review. Any and all help would be appreciated. Oh yeah the name of the magazine was also the url of the site and it wasn't something that was run by a college or a high school.
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maybe it's one of these?
posted by amberglow at 7:50 PM on September 21, 2004

Er, was it Literary Cavalcade? I read this magazine in some of my English classes in high school.
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I don't suppose Googling your name would turn up the real result...
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OO thanks LimePi! That was it. Now to find the guy who did the interview :P And sorry Billsaysthis, googling my name did not turn up the result. Even when I narrowed it down to the website I got interviewed for. Rock on Askme!
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Ok I tried calling them and they kept transfering me and putting me on hold which sucks. Anyone have the newest (September) issue of this? I would like to see what was said.
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