Cheap travel from Delaware to NYC?
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What are the cheapest ways to get from Newark, Delaware, to New York City?

I'm a research assistant at the University of Delaware and as part of a long and wonkish I-95 corridor project, we've decided to produce a map or informational pamphlet letting students know the cheapest ways to get from here (Newark, Delaware) to New York City.

A few things to keep in mind:
1. Any mode of transportation is fair game (air, rail, highway, seaports, etc.), as is any type of vehicle (plane, train, automobile, bus, shoes, etc.).
2. Be creative, but within reasonable limits of safety (i.e., no airmailing oneself).
3. It's alright if many of the suggested travel methods begin in Philadelphia (and maybe even Baltimore) if these departure points are more familiar to you.
4. Cost is the most important factor, although I don't want to discourage that outlandish teleportation idea you've been waiting to uncork.

After we've completed the map or pamphlet, I'll contact each of the contributors about mailing them a finished product. Thank you.
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Best answer: The ONLY direct transport I know is Amtrak, but Dover and Wilmington both have Greyhound buses that make the route.

If you can get to Philly, the cheapest way is to take SEPTA to NJT (Trenton) into the city, I think.
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Best answer: I lived in Newark, before moving to NYC. The cheapest way I found was to take the Greyhound or Peter Pan from Wilmington. It looks like a non-refundable adult one way ticket is $32 (it was about $25 in 2000). There may be student discounts available.
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Best answer: Hitch.

SEPTA to NJ Transit.
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Best answer: Actually, it looks like there are Chinatown buses that make the Wilmington->NYC trip for $20 one way.
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Best answer: It is about 135 miles by car, but avoiding the major highways will probably put you at closer to 175 miles. Assuming you can maintain a 4 mile an hour pace for 12 hours a day, you are looking at a three and a half day walk. However, the food to keep you going at that pace will probably run you enough to make this not so cost effective.

As pollomacho said, the SEPTA will help alleviate some of this walking. The R2 SEPTA will take you into Philly, and you can change for the line up to Trenton. From there its a short walk up the platform to NJ transit, and an easy ride up into the city.

The SEPTA will run you $9 off peak one way, and NJ transit is $12.50 one way (off peak round trip on NJ transit would be cheaper). Slightly cheaper would be to take NJ transit to Newark, NJ ($9.25 one way) and then take the PATH train to NYC($1.75 one way).
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Best answer: If you already have a bicycle, riding it would be a good bit faster than walking, and not much more expensive.

Alternately, if you confess to a serious enough unsolved crime in NYC, the police will come pick you up.
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2nding Chinatown buses OR SEPTA -> NJ Transit. Your cheapest options, no doubt.
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As Pollomacho says you can take SEPTA to NJ transit. You have to take the SEPTA R2 from Newark to Philadelphia then change to the R7 to Trenton. Then you take NJ Transit from Trenton to New York. One of my coworkers does this. I have never done it because I'd rather pay more than put up with the inconvenience. But it's possible.

I think the bus from Wilmington might be more convenient.
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I used to live in Newark....bleah!!!

Anyway, here's my outlandish idea.

Newark isn't too far from the water, you could walk to the nearest yacht club and either pay someone to take you to NY or sign on as a deck hand with someone who is going to NY.
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Also, if you just want to go for the day, you can sign up for a day bus trip. Various places run them, the YMCA, the University of Delaware; I'm sure other places do too. Often it's to see a play or go to the opera but sometimes the activity is optional and you can just pay for the bus trip.
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Best answer: >SEPTA from Newark to 30th Street Station ($7 one-way)
>Walk across the street to 30th and Market to catch the Bolt Bus to 34th and 8th Avenue in NYC ($1-10 one-way)
The whole trip should take about 3-3.5 hours.
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Just be aware that NJ transit timetables have only a fleeting relationship with reality. The only time I ever got from NJ to NYC on time was the weekday rushhour. Every other time has at least a 15-30 min delay in arriving or departing.
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