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Where or how could one go about getting the proper transcript from the VP debate held last week. My big concern right now is that I need it in paper or electronic form but I do not want to watch the debate over and write down each question and each answer. And a trillion zillion billion points for finding a free an/or immediate copy.
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Best answer: Another transcript from CNN.

BTW -- you might find this from MSNBC to be helpful:

Maverick? Kitchen table? Dissect the debate
"Use our Video Analyzer to go the parts of the vice-presidential debate you want to see — and find out what words and phrases were used most often by Sarah Palin and Joe Biden."
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Lots of unofficial presidential (and vice-presidential) debate transcripts available at the Commission on Presidential Debates.
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They are at the site of the debate sponsor, and they're *unofficial*?

Whiskey Tango Fox, Query
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The CPD is a toothless place-holder. The only "official" transcripts might come from the host or the campaigns. They're basically disclaiming any responsibility for errors.

And yes, indeed, Washington University in St. Louis marks its transcript [pdf] as "official".
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Here's the International Herald Tribune printer friendly version.

But most importantly this was directly and easily Googleable using something as simple as:

vice presidential debate transcript

...Google first, green later.
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