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OutdoorFurnitureFilter: I have a small deck attached to my room, and I'd like something cheap and comfortable to sit on out there for reading and such. I was given a futon, but...[MI]

...I'm worred about mildew and mold affecting the cushion, even though I live in a fairly arid climate (Los Angeles).

Should I not be worried? Should I just cover the cushion with something waterproof and be done with it?

Or is there a better idea for cheap furniture that I'm overlooking?
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Response by poster: Do I even need to cover the cushion? (It hardly ever rains.)
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can't you use a cushion that you bring out with you? I'd get a cheap plastic/metal chaise if there's room, or just a chair, and leave the cushions by the door, inside.
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If it's a futon mattress we're talking about, it's probably easier to keep a tarp outside, and remove it when you go out to sit.

Your (probably) cotton futon will absorb moisture, even in the warm climate, just because of the natural warming and cooling of the day/night cycle. Ever heard of dew? Eventually, this can lead to mold, which can lead to rot, which can lead to violence, which can lead to divorce, which can lead to scandal, which can lead to war. Please. Get a tarp. Just covering the damn thing will keep a lot of the moisture in the air from contacting it at all.
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Acutally, leaving it covered on dry days will promote mildew. In your climate, more moisture will build up under the tarp. And nasties might think under the tarp is a greats place (like black widows maybe. At least I had one on my couch in LA once).

Check out modern bean bags. Some are now made for outdoor use! Otherwise, more ordinary solutions such as amberglow suggests.
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I highly recommend the Greatland Captain's Chair

They're only $20 at Target, as comfortable as they look, made for the outdoors, and easily cleanable and portable. Best yet, they have 2 cupholders so you can drink doublefisted (coffee, of course).
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Is the deck covered? Being the sort of care-free, throw-caution-to-the-wind, impulsive risk-taker I am, I once put a Indonesian wooden settee with a cotton cushion on my covered balcony and never suffered decay, divorce or war. Mostly what I suffered was dust.
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Do you need to have a cushion? Muskoka/Adirondak chairs are very comfortable in bare wood. There are fold-ups, loveseat, swing and chaise varieties too. I've also seen very inexpensive versions around here in white and green plastic (about $10USD/chair---outdoor furniture is on sale this time of year).

Wicker also holds up very well outside---Ikea sells many different varieties.
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Response by poster: Hmmm. I would prefer a cushion, yes. I hadn't thought about dew.

Right now Adirondack chairs and portable cushions (which futon cushions are NOT) seem like my besk options. Thanks all!
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I had two director chairs on covered decks for about two years (Houston and San Antonio - plenty of heat and rain). They suffered little to no damage in that time. They're fairly inexpensive and it's easy to buy or sew new seats and backs when necessary.
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