Display a custom rss feed in the same way that iGoogle does when you add a feed normally?
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I am attempting to create a Google Gadget that displays RSS feeds on the iGoogle page. The problem that I'm having is that the gadget does not display the RSS in the same way as adding an XML to iGoogle does, there is a different display depending on theme and device.

So, if you add the Metafilter Gadget, which is just the Metafilter RSS feed, it displays in one way. Switch to another theme and it changes to a different display.

Sorry if this doesn't come out clear, but the question that I'm wondering is whether anyone has experience with this, and whether or not anyone is aware of a way to interact with the API at this level and display an XML RSS feed the same way that Google does. Also, better documented API for the _IG_* namespace would be helpful as well.
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