Where to find desk and office pretties?
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Where to find pretty and unusual desk and office accessories?

I'm about to start a new job with a new desk and a new area to decorate. My old job did not allow for much personalization, so I'm pretty much starting from scratch. I want to accessorize my desk with pretty, colorful and professional items (e.g. pencil cup, business card holder, etc.) that coordinate, but have run into a wall when it comes to where to buy these items. I'd like to find something more unusual than the typical black, leather, or wire mesh things you see in most offices. Aside from SeeJaneWork and Red Stamp, what are some online shops where I might find what I'm looking for?
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Using their Circa notebooks got me hooked on Levenger. They have a great range of desk and reading products that I drool over. They actually send me a paper catalog occasionally, and I actually read it.
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Best answer: Delight.com has an Office/Organize section with some very cute stuff.
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You could try Paper Source. They have some very unique and colorful things.
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Horchow has a whole section of lovely stylish desktop items, and they are the online/catalog vendor of Neiman-Marcus so the quality is a lock.

You might try Crane's desktop section; obviously they are top of the line in paper goods but they might also strike your fancy in accessories.

Vera Bradley's stationery is not my style but certainly is pretty/colorful/unique. Crane, Papyrus and Paper Source all carry Vera designs as well, so if those appeal to you, you might seek the line out at other webshops.

Seconding Levenger as a vendor (although I wouldn't classify their stuff as "pretty, colorful, unusual" -- it's more "conservative, business-like"). I am a regular Levenger shopper, and their products are always excellent quality, and they have fab customer service if there is ever a problem.

Seconding Paper Source for design. I've only been in a brick-and-mortar store but WOW, they have neat stuff.
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See Jane Work is a great place to find unique & cool desk/office items.
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Blu Dot. I think the envelope sorter and the pencil tray are pretty swanky.
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Best answer: Besides the good suggestions you already have:

Appalachian Spring, for wood products


Pierre Deux

Dransfield & Ross, at Neiman Marcus

The products by Koziol

I'd have many more suggestions if you hadn't specified "items that coordinate."
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Antique stores and junk shops. The complete matched sets are rare and can be expensive, but these places have oodles of inexpensive (or at least reasonably priced) single pieces, which if put together creatively would be beautiful.
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Response by poster: Jeri, I can work with uncoordinating items. Lay 'em on me.

Also, since writing yesterday I found a few items at Kate's Paperie and The MOMA Store.

Thanks for the links, all. I'd be interested in more if anyone has others.
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OK, alpha_betty. I've blogged about pencil cups - and here's a second set.

I've also blogged about paper clip holders.

I forgot to include this desktop set in my first post.

And here are some fused glass business card holders.

You said colorful - if you want interesting, but not necessarily colorful (chrome, etc.) then I have even more to suggest.
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