Help me find these hilariously captioned warning signs!
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About 5-6 years ago I somehow came across some hilarious cartoons (details below). I've spent the last few years searching for them to no avail. I don't remember if I got them in an email or if I came across them online. The people I sent them to still remember them and occasionally ask me if I have found them. They were really that funny.

Okay, here's a description of the cartoons to the best of my ability. They appeared to be warning signs or images not unlike what you see on the little pamphlet on airplanes that tell you what to do in case of emergency. I believe none of them originally had any sort of verbiage accompanying the image. The images were often vague and a little unclear as to what exactly they were trying to tell you, which was funny enough on it's own. What made them so hilarious was that someone had added captions to the images that were a completely absurd interpretation of what was depicted. For instance, if there was an image of a fire and a person reacting in horror to the flames with limbs akimbo (meant to warn of a dangerous substance or some such), the caption might have said, "In case of fire, do the Macarena.". Lame example, but hopefully you get the idea.

So, does anyone happens to have these or know where they are available online. I (and many others) will be in your debt.
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Those, I think, are the airline pamphlets for Fight Club.
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Perhaps Cap'n Wacky?
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Sounds like which mocked the efforts of Homeland Security post September 11.
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I gotta go with game warden to the events rhino and suggest Airtoons. That site was big for a while about 5-6 years ago.
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Thirding Airtoons
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Here is the same set of Homeland Security cartoons shown on, but with somewhat different (and sometimes funnier) captions. This is the version I saw back in 2002, though I think has added more captions as the Dept. of Homeland Security added more inane pictures.
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One more parody. Some are similar to safenow, some not.
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Sounds like which mocked the efforts of Homeland Security post September 11.

That's it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thanks also for the Airtoons links. I hadn't seen those before and they are quite funny as well...
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These parodies were all ripped off another message board, and thankfully the original, much-funnier-than-the-imitators thread is archived here:
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