Telephone Alert of an Email Message?
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Does anyone know of a software package or service that will ring my telephone when an email is sent to it?

This is for server monitoring and alerts sent from automated scripts that check to make sure things are running smoothly. It's helpful to get an email alert but it would be even nicer to also get a phone call or text message. I thought that this would be something fairly common but I'm having a hard time finding something.
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I use for server alerts - one of their options is an automated phone call. My phone rings a special ring when they call so it's super obvious. This is a paid service, though.

Text messages are easier, your phone probably has an email address that will be received as a text message. For example, for AT&T. I think sprint is
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Response by poster: Wow, that was fast. The email to text message was exactly what I was looking for.

Thank you!!
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Just for the benefit of future Googlers, Alltel's is
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I don't know if you use gmail, but I created a filter on gmail that forwards email messages from specific people to my cell phone as text messages.
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Yeah, is T-Mobile's. Use it for the exact same thing.
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