What's the best online group chat solution?
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What's the best moderated group chat solution to accomodate newspaper website readers and thinktank experts?

My company is looking to help a prominent Washington thinktank partner with a major media website and have live Q&A chats on the latter's site.

Has anyone had a great experience with a third party moderated group chat solution?

Our basic (and ideal requirements)
- consistent and precreated page URL before chat
- opportunity to submit questions early
- if a static page (a la Washington Post Chat), automatic refresh
- only moderated questions appear
- sophisticated and minimalist or skinnable embeddable chat window

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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The paper I work for uses Coveritlive.

I'm not endorsing it, but does seem to meet your needs. Does everything on your list.

Can also be embedded on a website. Pretty slick backend.
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