Outlook .ics subscription plugin?
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Is there a plugin (or some other mechanism) available that will allow Outlook in Windows to subscribe to an iCal *.ics file? [more inside]

I've got a Webdav server setup internally at work and we would like to start using this for some centralized calendars. However we have some folks who refuse to give up Outlook in favor of something like Sunbird.

Any ideas. I've spent a good deal of time searching around for something like this today and so far I'm coming up with nothing.
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This page is about using outlook with a command line. I notice there is an /ics switch for opening ics files. Maybe you can exploit this with a application shortcut.
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I have been looking for ways to do calendar sharing within Outlook without using Exchange but also have been unable to find it. There's really not much out there. I have to say as somewhat an aside, Outlook works with Exchange servers and that's it. I run IMAP on it and there a lot of little quirks that I see no reason for (purge deleted items, imap folders not integrating into personal folders, imap folders being collapsed at startup) except for the user to complain to management.

That was sort of a vent, but no there is no way I have found and I have searched extensively.
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