Rules for remaining in UK while new visa is processing
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Need info on applying for a Tier-1 (Post-Study work) Visa in the UK while holding a soon-to-expire student visa.

My current visa expires on Halloween, and I fit all the requirements for the Tier-1 visa extension. I hear from reliable sources that as long as I've applied for my new visa, I can remain in the UK while it's processing. Can anyone here point me to the official rules about this, just quell my worries?
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Best answer: My girlfriend's applying for the very same visa (and she just graduated from GSA too, how about that!) I couldn't find any information confirming this specifically, but she should have hers before the end of October, so we haven't given it too much thought.

I would highly, highly recommend checking this out officially. Call the Home Office. They're the last people you want to get on the bad side of.
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Response by poster: Just to follow up, I called the Home Office (without noticng your useful response, whoops!), and they confirmed that while a visa is processing, you can remain in the country under the same terms as your previous visa.
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