What sort of software is used to make cool infographic movies?
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Does anyone know which software packages are made to make neat infographic-y movies like these? I'd love to make something along those lines as a cool compliment to The Money Meltdown.
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Adobe After Effects. See video examples via YouTube.
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It looks like all of these used something a little different.

The Lennon piece used a lot of hand drawn stuff plus (probably) After Effects.

Why We Drink could be done in After Effects as well, using its faux 3d features to interesting effect.

The social security bit was probably done in Flash, though it could have been done in After Effects as well.

The final bit used at least three pieces of software. Possibly four. One for doing the motion graphics (After Effects again) one for the 3d graphics (could be anything) one for editing, keying, and otherwise manipulating the video (again, could be anything) and possibly a fourth one for composting it all together, though they might have used the same software they used on the video. Well they could have done it with only After Effects but it would have not been the best way to do it.

I used to do this stuff, but my knowledge is a couple years out of date. If you want to make really impressive stuff... well hire it out. But if you want to DIY I'd go with Flash or After Effects. Flash isn't really made for motion graphics, but is much easier to learn and will produce acceptable, but not particularly fancy results. After Effects more made for motion graphics, and I've seen some amazing things done with it. It's not as easy to learn, but there are lots of resources on line.

I'm sure someone will follow up with some more up-to-date info.
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Final Cut Studio -- in particular the application Motion -- is another option.
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