Looking for vintage photo album
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My great-uncle kept a photo album back in the 1940's. Where can I find another one like it?

Here are some pics. The label on the outside of it's box designates it as a Harburne Album. I googled the patent number and the first hit says: United States Patent 1653498. Inventors:. Robert, Eburne. Publication Date:. 12/ 20/1927. It is classified as a loose leaf binder.

I'm stuck on where to look for an album like this since "scrapbook" and "photo album" bring up the stuff I see at the craft store. Thoughts?
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I've used a Pioneer BSP-46 album in the past. It's similar to yours in that it's pretty much a loose front and back cover that are connected with threaded posts that are available in various lengths to accommodate different numbers of pages. It's basically like a nicer looking binder. The refill pages are available with different photo configurations.

That said, I've only found the refills with photo sleeves, not with plain paper pages like your great uncle's album. It wouldn't be hard to pick up some archival paper and punch your own sheets though.

B&H Photo sells the albums as well as other places on the web.

Hope this helps a little.
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