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Urgent food-wine pairing query: What wine can I serve with banana bread? It comes out of the oven in an hour, will cool, and then I'm off to a party, and would like to bring something to sip on while we all scarf it down in a few hours. I'm using this recipe, without the bourbon. Also, I'm in Poland, so brands aren't as helpful as actual types of wine; I'll only have time to stop by one shop on the way. Thanks!
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I'd go with a Charddonnay, preferably one with tropical notes.
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Something from Alsace maybe? Or Tokay from Hungary, it might be easier to find in Poland. Muscat might be nice too.
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I don't know if it was the ususual request of pairing with banana bread or the fact that you're in Poland, but what immediately came to my mind was something from Hungarian wine-maker Royal Tokaji.

Most of their selections would pair wonderfully. I don't know if your local shop would have it, but the shopkeeper should at least be familiar, and might be able to offer something similar.
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Dessert Gewürztraminer
Muscat de Beaumes-de-Venise

Looks like The Nibble has a tolerable list of desserts and their pairings, in case that helps more.
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Depending on the time of day and/or place in a meal, I'd do one of two things:

(1) If its later in the evening and/or after dinner, I would try a port or a dessert wine (such as Sauternes) of some sort.

(2) If its earlier and/or before dinner, I might try a Gewurztraminer or sweeter Riesling.
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I would go for the best muscat wine I could find/afford.

The best dessert wine I can remember tasting was an orange muscat (Essensia by Quady).
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I'll jump on the Tokaji bandwagon too. Or a New World Riesling if you're in a rush and it's easier to find.
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Reisling and Gewürztraminer are both super sweet - going before dessert, i'd recommend something more chardonnayish. This isn't a dinner party where you can serve the wine with the meal. For sweets, beforehand - go with the chardonnay, preferably one more light and buttery than oaken.
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a nice Malvasia will hit the spot
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Żybrówka and apple juice. Have you tried it yet?
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Response by poster: OMG, so many good ideas! Thanks everyone! I'm going to head to the store now and then be ready to run when the b-bread comes out of the oven. Looks like either muscat, Chardonnay, or this Tokaji stuff. And Zybrowka and apple juice is an excellent call, Meatbomb - it's awesome! (You've got to try any nice Polish vodka with blackcurrent juice, though...my nectar!)
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One more suggestion: a white Retsina.
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I agree with the calls for Tokaji, Gewurtztraminer (because of the banana and spice), or a sweet Riesling--Auslese, Spatlese, or Kabinett, no Trocken or Halbtrocken. This is way out there, but also perhaps a standard dessert wine like Vin Santo or Sauternes? Hm...

But honestly, I know this is a non-answer, but for future reference and if with the right kind of crowd, a really great banana and clove, fall-type beer would be wonderful. Dunkel weizen, mm...
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like ifjuly - my first thought was a fall-type or even winter beer - something with molasses or malt. but for the wine i like Gewurtztraminers more than rieslings.
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Madeira? Or one of the sweeter sherries.
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Response by poster: We went with a Tokaji of the sweet variety - it had hints of orange and almond with just the right level of sweetness! And it was a bargain, too!
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Too late, I guess, but Port was absolutely the right answer.
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