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Yet Another Halloween Query filter: What are some creative ideas for (items to search for, places to go during a) Halloween Scavenger Hunt? The spookier the better. It's a family affair, but we are talking adults and teens, so anything goes! Oh, and they'll be wearing costumes, so embarrassing ideas with that in mind are also welcome.
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A cemetery seems like a given, but what would they bring back? Maybe a picture of a gravestone?

At least one piece of properly Trick-or-Treated candy.
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Make a list of spooky things and/or acted-out scenes they have to shoot with a hand-held video camera. Divide them up into teams, and the people at the end of the night who have the most off the list, or the most creative-ly done, wins. The screening section of the evening is half the fun because everyone can see what everyone else was up to.
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Best answer: Items:

Gravestone rubbing
Spider web
Pumpkin (extra points if it's carved)
Two bolts (from Frankenstein's neck)
Wooden stake

To Do:

Wrap someone as a mummy
Recite the witches' parts from Act IV, Scene I of Macbeth
The Monster Mash
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Response by poster: We had the gravestone etching, and a toe tag if they can get one, but these other ideas are great! Please keep them coming!
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You should check out the scavenger hunt that was a part of the MIT Mystery Hunt the year that the hunt had a horror theme. Clearly, you don't need a 50-item list, but there's some really great stuff on there.
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please don't encourage bringing back a carved pumpkin. I remember as a kid being so proud of my carved pumpkins and if they had gone missing i would have been devastated.

that being said, the rest of the things on that list are great.

you could also add things like "witches wart" or "essence of ghost" and see how creative people get. (someone could bring back a pebble for the wart and a cotton ball for the ghost)
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