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Soon-to-graduate-from-undergrad-business-school-and-oh-crap-interviews-coming-up-filter: I've just been scheduled for some upcoming interviews with McKinsey and BCG. ..erm, what do I do now? The formats for the first rounds are a multiple-choice "Initial Problem Solving" test and 2 (phone) case interviews, respectively.

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Does anyone have any advice/resources for either the McKinsey Initial Problem Solving MC test or the BCG phone case interviews? I've managed to Google out the Fiji Cola and Kosher Franks practice tests, but I'd love more. My plan for the cases is to drill the WetFeet/Vault company/case guides as much as I can, including, as much as possible, some "I interview you/you interview me" with a friend. Also, the BCG/Bain case examples on their websites...

Bonus points for answering: what's my, erm, greatest weakness? I was thinking that I sometimes take on too much and can get overloaded, which is actually quite true...
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I hope you didn't just start practicing. For the case interviews, check out Case In Point.

Best of luck!
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Best answer: Remember that the key thing is to show how you think, not to get the cases right.

1. Use a logical structure and explain it first. For example, for a profit question break it down into revenue and cost, then break down revenue into units sold x price, and then discuss issues with pricing and sales, and so on..
2. Give the steps in your thinking as you go along.
3. Talk to some consultants first so you can explain why you want the job really clearly.
4. Try not to be too tense - nobody aces these, and if you seem smart, and like somebody they would like to be with, you've got a real chance. BCG and McKinsey are doing a lot of hiring this year...
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See if your school has a Careers Advisor that you can see. Mine offers skill sessions preparing for differerent kinds of tests and have an advice page.
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