Redneck Voter Song
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Name this rednecky country supposedly patriotic ballad! (Mentions guns, freedom, voting, change)...

A local radio show is playing a country song as bumper music these days that's about as rednecky as it gets.

Partial lyrics from the chorus are paraphrased below:

"They ain't-a gonna take my freedom, they ain't-a gonna take my guns..."
"Show me to the voting booth, it's time to make a change!"

Does anyone know the name of the song and the performer? Extra points for poitning to an online mp3 file.
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Sounds like Either Toby Keith or Charlie Daniels. Or Moby.
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Toby Keith is the most likely suspect, but it could be a lot of people, or something cooked up by the folks at the station.

1. partial lyrics are fine...but paraphrased text about nationalism in a country song. That could be anything from dixie chicks to toby keith to hank willims iii. seriously.

Wow. Just wow. I'm used to "lol country" from people who don't know much about the genre or music in general, but wow. Just wow. Hank Williams III would never write anything like that. As for the Dixie Chicks, it's amazing how far off base you are.
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Toby Keith Praises Obama, Says He's A Democrat
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Since nothing in your post pops up on google, I'm betting this is a locally unique song, and not a well-known country act.

My nieces listen to country all day long and I have yet to hear it.
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