Zombie "L'Origine du monde?"
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Beardo Halloween: I would kinda like to go as Gustave Courbet, but fear a) trying to come up with a good costume that reads as Courbet, and b) having to explain who Gustave Courbet is over and over. I do look like him, but what else might there be?

So, other cheeky ideas of how to be Gustave Courbet (or Zombie Gustave Courbet), or other chubby beardo Halloween costumes that will work better.

And yes, I've already gone as Rasputin. Even in full evil cassock, I had to explain who he was about a thousand goddamn times.
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Romeo Stoddart?
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I went as Sylvia Plath WITH an oven on my head and I still got "Hey, Mrs. Jack In The Box!" WTF? There's no guaranteeing the tolerability of any sort of literary costume over the course of the evening. If I were trying to play off a beard for Halloween, I'd at least go with Ulysses S. Grant, or, better, Alferd Packer.
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You could go as a fat bearded lady.
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Can you go Mr. French with a satanic Mrs. Beasley doll? (or zombie buffy and jody for that matter)
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Can you go as...
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Mario, of the Nintendo Marios.
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Perhaps even Surly Mario, as pictured here.
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Just carry around a copy of "L'Origine du Monde". Everyone knows who painted that.

Or you could go as Fidel Castro.
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I was also going to suggest Ulysses S. Grant. If you want to be even vaguely recognized, you have to go for maximum fame. Even I, fabulously learned and witty cultureholic that I am, had no idea what Gustave Courbet looked like.
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Orson Welles? Paul Prudhomme?
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I would stick with Gustav Corbet if I were you, that's a great idea. Then, instead of explaining who he is everytime just do it like this;

A: Who are you supposed to be?
B: Gustav Corbet, he was... actually what am I saying, of course you know who he was. *insert incredulous facial expression/shrug here*
A: ah... yes, of course... I'm Miss Piggy. *sheepish smile*

That's a nice bowl of win salad, smothered with win dressing is what that is.
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How about a pre-weight-loss Peter Jackson?
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Kevin Smith? Paul Bunyan?
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chubby beardo Halloween costumes

Why on earth would you ever go as anyone other than Kenny Rogers?
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Fat Brian Wilson?
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If you do go as Courbet, I'd suggest dressing as GC does in this picture.

Or how about Karl Marx?
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Beardo = Nostradamus. You need to acquire a funny hat. You can signify with a book of prophecies, crystal ball, etc. Historical accuracy is not required.

1. Get 'toxicated.
2. Ask people for a word.
3. Improv abab prophetic quatrain using that word.
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That guy looks a LOT like Richard Stallman. If you were hanging out at a party with geeks, they'd totally get it.
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I second TheOnlyCoolTim. I wouldn't ask people for words. I'd just give them unsolicited prophecies. Like, "young Master Joker, I see in your future a slap to the head." Then I'd slap them upside the head and make fun of them for not being original with their damn costume.
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MisterAitch— The idea for this actually came from someone coming up to me at a bar and saying, "Do you know the Gustav Courbet painting The Meeting? You look just like him!"
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Hagrid? If you don't mind going as a children's book character, that is.
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Seconding Brian Wilson, particularly if you go as the Love You-era Brian in a bathrobe.
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I vote Fidel Castro or Brian Wilson in a bathrobe.
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I always have to explain my costumes. I make little cards with an explanation on it and pass them out. This is good because somehow I never manage to make a mask where I can speak clearly. Your card could have one of Courbet's paintings on it. Or if you can persuade a naked woman in a sheet to come with you, you could perform a "tableau vivant" of "The Painter's Studio".

I love Courbet. He's so egotistical. My favorite painting is "Bonjour, Monsieur Courbet", showing the painter taking a walk outdoors to some scenic site which he will paint, encountering two neighbors, who are appropriately obsequious in the presence of such a great men.
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Orson Welles? Paul Prudhomme?
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Christ. klang's not THAT huge. I still think Rutherford B Hayes is your man. A little theatrical graying to the beard, a nice foulard at the neck, you got it. And who wouldn't recognize the 19th prez, who, like GW in 2000, lost the popular vote & pulled out the win in the EC. Surefire conversation starter for a party just days before the election.
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And hello? At least you wouldn't have to explain the damn diorama again.
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I was also thinking Joseph Roulin (Van Gogh's postman friend) because you could probably get the costume, but, damn, your beardo is no match for Roulin's. Dude's got a part in it.
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Late Fassbinder. May I suggest coke-snot-stained DEAD Fassbinder?
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