can I buy complete series of Married with Children?
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can I buy a complete DVD series of Married with Children? If so, where? How much should I expect to pay? It has 11 seasons, and I want to buy it as a gift. However, it would be way too expensive to pay 35-45 dollars PER season, for each individually.
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This ebay seller has it for $230, which comes out to $25/season. But if you go to, it comes out to $201, as most seasons cost $21.50.

I don't see any other complete, full 9 season sets.
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(American) Amazon has very good prices, but maybe (from previous questions) you are in Canada? also has a list of best-of dvds and seems to indicate that the tenth and eleventh seasons haven't been released yet except in France and Germany.
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I'm not sure if there is a complete series for sale, but Amazon has individual seasons for way less than $35 - $45. Most are about $21.
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