Is worth my time and effort?
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Has anyone here ever went into teaching in NYC/NYS using the route? I'm looking to hear about the realities and true expectations I should be having rather than all the hype and glamour they make it appear to be....

I have looked through the archives here and found some similar questions, but none that really touched on my questions.

The lowdown: 36, Married, Mortgage, Infant Daughter. 10 years of Sales/marketing experience. Bachelors degree in business and minor in writing/english. Burnt out on the industry I'm in, and intriqued and interested in possibly jumping into the teaching field.

Without having the time to really go back to school to get the long term necessary skills, I have a friend who recommended checking out which is an alternative route into teaching in the teacher starved NY school systems...From what I can tell, if chosen, I can go right into an almost learn on the job student teaching type work situation or I can can fufill some of their certfication classes and eventually get my foot in the door that way.

It seems relatively straight forward, but I'm more interested in the realities. has anyone ever gone this route in NY or any other state offering something similar? Is this a pip dream? The program is sponsored by the NYS Board of Education, so the program is legit. I'd love to hear anyones thoughts or opinons....thanks
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Sorry, I don't know anything about teachny, but did a bit of research on teaching in NYC schools a while back (and posted a related askme question).

You might want to learn more about how it is to start out teaching in NYC schools, especially without a teaching degree.

Here's something that might be helpful.

Another 1st year teacher's blog.

Another sobering read.

And another.

Not for the faint of heart. But if you have what it takes, my hat's off to you. Best of luck.
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My roommate's boyfriend is a 3rd grade teacher in Harlem (he got started through the NYC teaching fellows program) and he loves it. Which isn't to say that it's not hard—he puts in ridiculous hours and has to put up with all sorts of crap from his kids.

You're probably not even paying attention to this thread anymore—it's been months since you posted this.
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