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Halloween Costume Filter: I am looking for a somewhat classy character or historical figure to be for Halloween this year that's not overly done. (Think Jackie O, not Marilyn Monroe.)

I am 21 and a redhead, but I can play older or younger depending on the genius of the costume. In the past I have been Dorothy Parker, Pepper Potts, Ginger Spice and Heidi Fleiss. (So... I'm somewhat flexible on the "classy".)

Thanks kids!
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Zombie Jackie O?
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Response by poster: Oh and also- I refuse to be Sarah Palin.
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Auntie Mame?
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If it doesn't have to be a redhead, I'd suggest Tippi Hedren with some birds attached to your hat/wig. Classy and holiday appropriate.
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Red Emma
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Riffing on quirky/red hair just to narrow down some ideas:

You could be the character Joan (played by Christina Hendricks) from the TV show Man Men. It would need some period clothes, hair, accessories and the right attitude. I think it could be fun for the right person. A little obscure, but you mentioned Dorothy Parker and there couldn't have been many people who knew that one. Great idea, by the way.

Audrey Hepburn? A few options to go with there. It could be fun playing with a cockney accent and doing a My Fair Lady costume. Very prim and proper, but let a few cockney phrases slip out at random moments. I think it's amusing, anyway.
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Response by poster: Does not have to be redhead specific! I just thought it might be a good jumping off point. I have no qualms with donning a wig.
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When I was about 24 and a redhead, I went as Jackie Kennedy. Pink suit, pillbox hat, big sunglasses, white gloves, and a couple of tubes of fake blood splattered all over me. Just cruised around the party waving and smiling as though I didn't even know my husband had just been assassinated all over me.

I won a case of beer at the costume contest.

I wouldn't say it was classy, per se, but it was pretty great. And given that I did it ten years ago and two thousand miles away from where you're going to do it, I think you're more than welcome to consider it as an option.

I found the suit and gloves at a thrift store and made the hat myself with a stapler, cardboard and a quarter yard of pink cotton from a local fabric store.

The girl who came in second to me, by the way, was the Mona Lisa. She just wandered around in a long dress with a big picture frame attached to herself, smiling enigmatically.
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Rita Hayworth as Gilda.
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Might be too subtle, but Ginger from Gilligan's Island, Ann Margret, Lucille Ball, Mary Jane from Spiderman, maybe some others..yeah, Rita Hayworth is good. You should embrace the red!
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Amelia Earheart? It strikes me as easy to get together -- just some slacks, shirt, and a bomber jacket, plus pilots' cap and goggles.
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Best answer: I went as Little Edie Bouvier Beale from Grey Gardens a few years back. My boyfriend was the undead version of her beau, Joe Kennedy, Jr., who was the one who was supposed to be president but died in WWII. I wore the whole getup - headscarf, old school brown bathing suit with tights, heels, "fur" coat, lots of bling. He wore the classic preppy summer outfit-- seer sucker and boat shoes and pink and green and whatnot... with zombie makeup. We ran into 4 bloody Jackie 0-undead JFK combos that night...
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For whatever it's worth, if you were dressed as Jackie-O my first guess would be that you were Dr. Girlfriend.
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Holly Golightly? Bonus points if you have a cat.
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Carmen Sandiego.
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Totally inspired by Merriam-Webster's word of the day...

You could dress all in red and carry around a fake herring (or a framed picture of one).

... yeah, I just woke up.
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Rosie the Riverter.
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You could go the comic book character route, since you've done Pepper Potts before (which is brilliant btw)... quite a few red-headed heroines out there:

Jean Grey/Phoenix
Starfire (ok, so that costume isn't very classy)
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Bella the Hat
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Scarlett O'Hara
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